Submersible Pump

High-performance motor

  • A built-in temperature control and current controller motor protection prevents burnout of the motor and can reduce operation costs with high efficiency design.

Leak detection device

  • Sensing the incoming water in the Seal Chamer, motor damage prevent and prolong service life.

Specially design impeller

  • Open, Enclosed, Non-Clog, Torque Flow Vortex, Propeller Type etc. Various impeller made of Sewon technologies is a good product. Satisfaction is very high. The excellent solid matter handling capability.

Double waterproof structure

  • Waterproof cable entries with a double and minimize the damage caused by the motor cable jacket damage.

High-strength bearings

  • Use the self-aligning ball bearing and permanent lubrication can be used long, reliable service life.

Special Mechanical Seal

  • Double Mechanical Seal to use a sic/sic to ensure perfect sealing performance and service life.

Easy Maintenance

  • In the impeller and the casing cover is a structure that can easily be exchanged, is easy to maintain in the field.

Main Products

Sewage and Waste Water Vortex Pump (50mm)


  • Single –phase power available on-site.

  • Sewage and waste water drainage building.

  • Sewage, waste water treatment plant influent sludge transfer.

  • Small industrial water supply, drainage.


  • There is a 100% cast solidity excellent corrosion resistance.

  • The solid material transported by the vortex-type built-in.

  • Motor burn out protection.

  • Auto drained by attaching a Float switch.


Waste Water and Effluent Pump (50mm-100mm)


  • Single-phase power available on-site.

  • Sewage and waste water drainage building.

  • Sewage, waste water treatment plant influent sludge transfer.

  • Small industrial water supply, drainage.


  • Automatic Discharge device is applied and used high lift.

  • Excellent durability by adopting the Non-Pressure Hydraulic scheme does not take.



Sewage and Waste Water Vortex Pump (50mm-100mm)


  • Septic sludge transfer.

  • Night soil, pulp and solid transfer.

  • Transfer waste water from miscellaneous source in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, buildings, etc.

  • Waste water from miscellaneous sources feeding of slaughterhouse.

  • Collective sewage treatment plant.


  • Solid are not blocked or forward foreign matter such as dirt fibre by a special open-impeller pump.

  • By a combination of automatic desorption can facilitate maintenance and inspection work.


Submersible Cutter Pump (100mm)


  • Merger treatment plants, sewage, sewage treatment plant.

  • Incineration plants, water purification plants for treatment sewage for the filth of the house.

  • Plants, drainage of hospitals, building kitchen.

  • Various low moisture content for transporting raw water and sludge solid.


  • The “torque” is a strong specifications motor.

  • Use screw impeller, minimize clogging debris.


Large Capacity Pump (150mm-300mm)


  • Various drainage.

  • Prevent flooding of low-lying rain water drainage pumping station.

  • Large areas industrial and agricultural accommodate taken.

  • Water intake plant of domestic water pumping stations and large flow.

  • Leachate and preventing flooding of the under pass.


  • By using a motor with a different number of poles (4P-6P), the pump can be selected for use.


Drain Pump (50mm-150mm)


  • Civil construction for drainage.

  • Wanted for acceptance of subway construction.

  • Mobile emergency drainage.

  • Industrial and building underground water supply, drainage.

  • With one pump (Impeller exchange) can be easily changed to a high lift and low lift.

  • Water, sewer drainage construction.

  • Drainage tunnel.

  • Used in other ornamental fountains and waterfalls.

  • Portable automatic tire washer for production.


  • Using the best mechanical seal must exert more than three times the existing capacity.

  • Model over 5.5kw is being designed as a Non-Pressure.


High Head Pump (100mm-150mm)


  • Civil construction for drainage.

  • Industrial and building underground water supply, drainage.


  • Large Public Works drainage of large high-lift.

  • Large-scale water supply drainage pump.

  • Water shipyards and mines, water intake and drainage.

  • Exhibit high efficiency at high lift with double-type products.

Sand and Gravel Pump (100mm-250mm)


  • Sand and gravel for transfer.

  • Of sand excavation for construction site.

  • Harbors, dredging of rivers, Corporation.

  • Sand, gravel transport of ready-mixed concrete plant.


Sand Pump (100mm)


  • For transporting sand.

  • The precipitated sediment and soil emissions.

  • Ready-mixed concrete waste recycling SYSTEM 2ND, 3RD. Pump.

Submersible Mixer


  • Sewage, waste water or sewage treatment plants-sewage sediments and sediments of the various agitators.

  • Industrial plant – Lime, prevent precipitation of solids, such as a little sand and homogenization of the various nutrient.

  • Effective oxygen supply fish farm, water cycle, frost protection, maintaining the optimal level of temperature control etc, forms.

  • Lime, sand and small anti-settling solids.


  • Concise structure.

  • Upper and lower, left and right to move in each direction, and the greater the homogenizing effect of the preventing precipitation, such as sewage and nutrient solution.

  • The oxygen supply capacity can be doubled by using an Air diffuser.

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