HAUS decanter centrifuges provide ideal solutions for many different processes and industrial applications. As a result of studies performed jointly with our customers and research groups, designs optimizing the whole manufacturing processes are developed and manufactured for various applications.

Modern and high performance HAUS decanters are designed for municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants as well as potable water treatment plants. The designs are developed to minimize polymer consumption and ensure maximum dryness in high inlet flows. This outstanding result is ensured by optimum torque control at high centrifuge forces.

HAUS Decanters provide:

  • Excellent separation
  • Maximum dewatering
  • Dual drive
  • High price / performance ratio
  • Continuous and problem-free operation
  • Compact design
  • Mobile solutions
  • Continuous after-sales and spare parts service
  • Different capacities with 12 decanter models from 1 m³/h up to 180 m³/h

Excellent Separation with Extended Clarification Area

Efficient separation is ensured regardless of the sludge quality, thanks to the high centrifuge force achieved by high and adjustable bowl speed.  Wide pool depth is provided by operating at negative, neutral and positive levels (pond). Increased separation capacity with its spiral geometry enables simultaneous axial and radial flow.

Maximum Dewatering

Specially designed conical part compresses the solid better by combining the impact of the pressure applied on the solid and centrifugal force ensures high dewatering. Thanks to the high centrifuge force achieved by high and adjustable bowl speed, efficient separation is ensured regardless of the sludge quality.

Dewatered sludge cake has noticeably less humidity compared to conventional decanters and the polymer consumption is also lower than the conventional decanters. Thanks to the adjustment of differential speed automatically by PLC without any manpower need, stable dryness of the sludge cake and required clarity in liquid outlet are continually provided with same quality; even at fluctuations in product inlet flow.

Dual Drive

One of the critical points for the decanter is the difference between bowl and spiral cycles, namely differential speed.  This speed nominates the humidity left in the separated solid as well as designating the clarity of the separated liquid.  Therefore, this speed is set automatically via PLC according to the required product quality and required product properties are achieved.

Dual drive motor enables the differential speed to be adjusted in a wide range. Second drive activates the inlet shaft of the transmission and introduces the differential speed as the function of the bowl speed and the transmission cycle ratio.  The cycle is adjusted without requiring manpower in cases when the solid volume fluctuates significantly, the solid is conveyed difficultly and the low humidity left in the solid is crucial.  The differential speed is adjusted as the function of spiral torque automatically and precisely.  The system is supported by the software developed by HAUS.

High Price / Performance Ratio

  • Price advantage due to 100% optimized production
  • Polyelectrolyte which is mixed with the fed material into the decanter in the specially designed distribution chamber guarantees high performance.
  • Dual Drive technology and differential bowl speed guarantee high performance.
  • Dual Drive technology, frequency converters used in the both drives, special transmission system, PLC software developed by our engineers and low electricity consumption minimize the operational costs.
  • Bearings of the decanter rotating at high speed are lubricated using oil or grease in the right time at right amounts by the optional automatic lubrication or greasing system.
  • Providing decanter bowl as single piece (Mono-Block) and detachable (Cylindrical and conic parts separated) body design options.
  • Required dryness and clarity sensitivity can be adjusted by the ability of movable feeding tube during operation.

Continuous & Problem-free Operation

  • Continuous and operator-free 24 hours operation is enabled.
  • Simple and user friendly PLC based operator panel makes the control of the system easy and comfortable.
  • Speed is adjusted automatically without requiring manpower—thanks to the Dual Drive technology enabling differential speed control by torque.
  • Bowl and scroll groups which are manufactured by corrosive resistant and highly durable duplex stainless steel have a longer life-time.
  • Long life-time and safety of the decanters are ensured with special selection of bearings rotating at high speed.
  • Maximum protection is ensured by on-site replaceable and anti-wear parts keeping production downtimes at minimum.

All Functions in a Compact Design

  • Space saving with less space requirement.
  • Hygienic working environment with bad smell blocking and enclosed design.

Mobile Units

HAUS offers mobile units for on-site tests from 5 m³/h to 75m³/h capacities which are designed by HAUS engineers for all kind of applications.

Continuous After-sales & Spare Parts Service

Samples collected from your process are assessed with analyses performed in our laboratories and the efficiency and the productivity of the machines are constantly kept under control.

100% optimized well-planned production allows all-time availability of spare parts and affordable after-sales services.  Providing continuous support 24/7 with a technical team of 18 experts worldwide, after-sales services reduce production downtime and ensure continuous operation.  Our Service Concept is to provide the best service as soon as possible and at a single time and keep your machinery up and running without problems.



Working Principle

Separators are used for separation of liquid mixtures, liquid phases or solid particles.  A high centrifugal force occurs on the rotating bowl of the separator.  By this centrifugal force the liquid mixture is separated into liquid phases and/or solid particles in a very short time.

Higher density materials are collected on the inner side of the bowl, while the separated lower density materials are collected in the center of the bowl.  Aim is to achieve high levels of centrifugal force by high bowl rpm.  The high level of centrifugal effect means high capacity of the machine, the bowl should be manufactured from a material strong enough to provide for a safe operation of the machine at high rpm levels.

Solids Discharge

Separated solids are discharged in determined intervals at full bowl speed.  Complete discharge is assured with the hydraulic opening system of the bowl.

Material Quality

All surfaces in contact with products are made of stainless steel and all bowl parts are manufactured using forging system to provide maximum safety.  In this way, a seamless bowl is attained with a homogeneous microstructure free from defects like micro cracks.


Lower and upper body parts are manufactured of cast iron.  The housing can be coated completely with stainless steel if necessary depending on the application.


The Bowl group is driven by an electric motor combined with an inverter and the helical gear mechanism attached to the motor and its rotating speed can be adjusted.  There are special blocks between floor and separator that is mounted on metal plates to absorb vibration.


Bearings and gears operate in oil bath that have different compartments.


Functions and operating parameters of the separator can be monitored and programmed on a PLC screen  All faults can also be monitored on this screen.

Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Upon request, HAUS Separators can be equipped with CIP


Providing 24/7 service assures continuous operation of our machines and reduces downtime from faults or problems.

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