Better Performance and High Removal Efficiency

A leading manufacturer for biofiltration odor control system. Exen’s biofilters are designed to treat a wide range of odors and volatile organic compounds in municipal sewage, wastewater treatment plants and a variety of industrial applications. With over 20 years of experience and more than 250 installations in municipal and industrial, Exen not only offers a state of the art technology based product, but also provides engineered and researched solutions for total odor control.

Biofiltration Technology

Micro-organism and filter media

Exen media is a high-performance engineered biofiltration media and superior micro-organism specially designed for maximum removal efficiency of odorous contaminants. With a large surface area, it increases removal efficiency to 95%

Monitoring for process control

Exen special offers optional comprehensive odor monitoring system and support program for the optimal process control


  • Higher efficiency- total odor control (>95% H2S and >90% odor removal?

  • Optimal mass transfer and high biodegradation by engineered biofiltration media and superior micro-organism

  • Extremely low operation and maintenance cost

  • Easy control and minimal instrumentation

Scrubber Technology

Your partner for success in the odor & voc application

Exen’s engineered scrubber systems is designed, manufactured, and installed of packed bed chemical scrubbers that achieve excellent removal efficiency on variety of odors, hazardous air emissions and gases from municipal and industrial process

Customized Design

Scrubber system can be designed and built in a vertical or horizontal vessel configuration. Single or multiple stage systems are available based on the type of odors to be removed. Our scrubbing technology can be used in conjunction with biofiltration odor control system to achieve greater efficiencies and greatly reduce chemical consumption

Chemical Reactions

Exen use chemical such as sulfuric acid, caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite to absorb and react with odors. The multi-chemistry scrubber system can treat ammonia and sulfide odors in a single scrubber and the multi-stage system reduces chemical uses.

Carbon and Other Technology

Activated Carbon

This system is an economical odor control solution utilizing readily available activated carbon. It is designed to meet low concentration odor treatment and is effective in removing trace amounts of inorganic and organic odors.


Exen’s photo-catalyst odor control system can be used as a polishing stage behind biofiltration odor control system to achieve greater removal efficiencies, using UV lights and catalyst effecting. The photo-catalyst us the substance which can modify the rate of chemical reaction using light irradiation

Electrolytic Oxidation

Designed to effectively reduce odor emissions from septic tanks and combined sewer systems. The system is an effective odor control system to remove not only odorous compounds but also odor precursors from various odor sources including sewer manholes and septic tanks.


Odor Control Cover

Odor Control & Protection Applications

Korean leader in design, manufacture and construction of custom SMC (Sheet Molding Compund) covers with aluminum frame and FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) for municipal sewage and wastewater treatment plants

Design Flexibility

SMC panel’s excellent strength to weight ration and creative component design yield covers and structures that cannot be achieved with other materials. Our technique panel design is specially engineers to support snow loads and wind loads.

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