Operating loads in biological sewage treatment plants are characterized by strong fluctuations. The process air requirement of a sewage treatment plant can only be efficiently delivered by using different machine types and by varying their air output. This is clear from engineering calculations.

To handle the varying loads in waste water treatment processes, Aerzen has developed various technologies: The turbo blower Aerzen Turbo Generation 5, the positive displacement blower Delta Blower and the rotary lobe compressor Delta Hybrid. They can be easily combined and perfectly adapted to one another. Operate your plant with optimal efficiency and take advantage of the carefully configured overall system.



Developed especially for high intake volume flows, the Generation 5 turbo blowers from Aerzen are setting new standards for performance and efficiency in waste water treatment.

The variable frequency controlled and oil-free turbos represent state-of-the-art in compressor technology - with decisive advantages in their application.  This innovative technology is the perfect complement to the Aerzen portfolio, a technology mix that promises increased efficiency in industrial and municipal waste water treatment.

Today, energy efficiency is a mega trend. The more energy is needed the more action is required, and the highest potential savings can be achieved. The turbo blower Aerzen Turbo Generation 5 is designed for high intake volume flows from 4,000 m³/h to 13,200 m³/h.   The speed-controlled and oil-free machines offer decisive advantages in terms of high performance and efficiency in waste water treatment.
Energy efficiency is today's mega trend. Where the highest amount of energy is required is where action is most pressing, and this is also where the greatest potential savings are to be found.  This makes it worthwhile for sewage treatment plants to rely on technologies that focus on reducing energy costs to increase efficiency.

Advantages in waste water treatment:

  • Maximized performance and energy efficiency for high volume flows
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Reliable operation
  • Low sound emission
  • Durable high technology components
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Space-saving “side-by-side“ installation
  • Easy starting, commissioning and installation
  • High operating reliability
  • Recovery of waste heat


Delta Hybrid – the groundbreaking Rotary Lobe Compressor, is the result of a synergy between the rotary lobe blower and the screw compressor technologies and offers completely new possibilities for generating positive pressure or vacuum by combining the technical advantages of both concepts.

A total of 7 patents or patent applications currently make the Delta Hybrid one of the most innovative products in compression technology.
While low pressure applications call for the Roots-Principle of isochoric compression, the screw compressor, with its internal compression, becomes the preferred choice for its energy efficiency in higher pressure ranges. The package concept is based on the well-known and successful Aerzen Delta design (Delta Blower and Delta Screw) and has been systematically upgraded.

Increasing energy efficiency and reduce costs

Over a ten year operating period, energy costs equate to about 90% of the total Life Cycle Costs of a compressor.  With this in mind, the Delta Hybrid was developed with the focus on increasing energy efficiency and achieving a significant reduction of energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Delta Hybrid technological advantages:

  • Highest energy efficiency and reduction of Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
  • Reliability and durability
  • Low noise levels, without absorption material
  • Space saving, ease of handling and reduction of maintenance costs
  • Expanded operating- and increased pressure range


The Delta Blower Generation 5 is the synthesis of the successful characteristics developed in previous generations combined with new technical innovations that already meet the market requirements of the future.  The innovative series are available in 10 machines sizes for overpressure applications up to 1,000 mbar and intake volume flows of approx. 30 m³/h up to 9,000 m³/h.

Special advantages of the Delta Blower Generation 5:

  • More silent due to considerable sound reductions
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Mechanical fan
  • No absorption material
  • Space saving

Further advantages depending on design and application:

  • Aerzen base support certified as spark arrester for ATEX-applications
  • Blower stage with patented pulsation reduction
  • Standard application for energy saving motors of class EFF1
  • PED guidelines compliant (discharge silencer and pressure valve)
  • Intake on the 'cold' side of the unit

Automatic belt retention due to hinged motor mounting plate



Delta Screw Generation 5 is the synthesis of the known and successful characteristics of the previous generation with technical innovations.  Aerzener Maschinenfabrik was one of the first compressor manufacturers to design compact units and has developed this machine type continuously ever since.

Delta Screw Generation 5 is available as belt-driven or direct-couple design for overpressure-, vacuum- and nitrogen applications.  Using a flexible modular construction makes it possible for all compressors and motor sizes for belt drive to be installed within a range of nominal widths.

Single-stage Delta Screw Compressors are manufactured as air-cooled units for intake volumes from 270 to 2,600 m3/h and discharge pressures of up to 3.5 bars, dry, oil-free compression, temperature limit maximum 250 °C. Vacuum operation is possible with the standard VML-compressors to a maximum of 70% (0.3 bar abs.) and as a modified unit to 85% (0.15 bar abs.).

Five convincing arguments for the compressor unit Delta Screw Generation 5:

  • Efficient energy use and reduction of Life-Cycle-Costs
  • Considerably reduced sound level
  • ATEX-certification as spark arrestor
  • Room-saving due to compact dimensions
  • Easy handling: Simple use and low maintenance
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