Aerisa’s patent-pending WaveFour™ Ionization technology efficiently and effectively restores air to its natural state – all without creating unwanted by-products. Aerisa’s natural process offers superior environmental benefits by not only eliminating airborne odors and harmful substances, but also by reducing energy consumption, thus improving efficiencies and minimizing costs. The result is highly-effective yet environmentally safe and efficient indoor air purification solutions that improve the health and well-being of people wherever they live, learn, work and play.

Aerisa’s WaveFour™ Ionization Technology Advantages:

  • Provides Comprehensive Air Purification - Reduces particulates, Bacteria, Molds and Viruses and breaks down Odors and VOCs
  • Energy Efficient - Uses less power than a light bulb
  • Easily Installed - Can be installed into existing HVAC systems without costly modifications
  • Low Maintenance - No filters to change or plates to clean
  • Safe - Aerisa products have been designed and tested to conform with all applicable US and International safety standards



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